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The Kuda Fleet Division Difference

Posted 26 Jan 2020

Every commercial fleet in the UK is driven by its own values on safety, reliability, punctuality, value and driver retention. In some ways this makes every fleet the same, but mostly each fleet and its management are entirely different. From the traffic office to the workshops, from tracking systems to vehicle makes and models, we understand that not every company has the same requirements and whilst we can’t help run your day to day operations we can ensure the specification of your new vehicles is one which will suit your operational requirements, budget and most importantly, ensure the drivers, which are the staple of your operation are able to do their work in the most comfortable, efficient and safe manner as possible.

Our fleet division here at Kuda has over 25 years of operation behind it, meaning that our specialist fleet advisors are able to take your existing specifications for any additional equipment required for your vehicles and deliver on-time and on-budget. Our advisors will take the time to work through your requirements, discussing every aspect in detail with you, and, should you require it, advise you on how money can be saved on specified upgrades, or perhaps better used in certain aspects which could save time and money in the long run. 

Our years of experience has allowed us to build strong relationships with every vehicle manufacturer, meaning when you place the orders for your new vehicles our facility is listed as a Direct Factory Delivery point. This enables us to work not only with you, but closely with your dealer to ensure your additional equipment is fitted, to OEM standards and frequently, financially packaged within the total price of your vehicles from the dealer. Giving you one, simple point of payment. 

All of our fitments are of course covered under Stage 2 Type Approval, meaning you can rest assured whatever you specify has been fitted not only to the vehicle manufacturers guidelines, but also fully compliant with all European and Domestic Type Approval legislation and regulations. This clearance from the VCA enables us to issue Certificates of Conformity and modify your vehicles prior to registration. The main benefit of this for fleets (other than peace of mind) is that any additional equipment and fitments are able to be billed (as mentioned before) with the total cost of the vehicle from the dealer prior to the truck being Registered and PDI’d. 

Alongside the relationships we have with vehicle manufacturers, we are extremely proud of the strong connections we have with many of the industries leading brands of accessories and additional equipment. Huge industry names such as TomTom, Pioneer, Checkpoint, Brigade, Bury, TruckChef, Indel B and Dometic are just a few of the brands which we have great relationships with, meaning, if as a fleet you also specify their equipment or have existing custom specifications for install with them, we can ensure that the exact parameters are passed to our experienced technicians and fitted to your vehicles in the way you expect. 

Our fleet division also benefit from the back up of our resourceful sourcing team and global network of partners, so if there’s something that you require, and nobody else can find it for you, the chance are our team can. If we can’t then our research and development team are then on hand to explore the opportunity of developing the solution for you. Working closely with you to ensure your requirements are met from prototype to the final product. 

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Built into our core range are products which we proudly manufacture ourselves, here in the UK and may already be on your tender specification;

  • iAM - Our market leading range of commercial vehicle aerodynamics. Aerodynamics are always a priority for fleets, especially for those that travel long distances on motorways and pull large, high volume trailers. It’s the best option for fleets looking to save on their fuel bills and minimise their carbon footprint. 
  • LaserEye - The super smart, automatic spoiler adjustment system. LaserEye requires no driver input, simply turn on the vehicle and the system starts to look for the coupled trailer, the system then automatically adjusts the roof spoiler to the optimum height for least aerodynamic drag and maximum fuel efficiency. 
  • TreadSafe - Super safe, full catwalk systems with high visibility safety decals advising of blind spots and other hazards. These catwalks provide a safe and level working environment behind the cab and are widely approved and specified by many blue chip fleets across Europe.
  • MirrorShield - The professional choice for mirror protection. These mirror guards are produced from a super strong Kevlar and Composite mix providing maximum protection for large and expensive HGV and LCV mirrors. They can be colour matched to your fleet or produced in a high visibility yellow to ensure other road users are aware of them!
  • CabStore - Interior storage lockers, colour and texture matched to the cabs interior, for a true OEM factory feel. These lockers are great for driver retention, adding extra storage in place of the often dormant second bunk. Complete with beautifully designed roller shutter doors, individual compartments with additional storage volumes of over 450 litres. 
  • TruckChef - Europe’s most powerful, largest 24v microwave oven. The top of any driver retention list. TruckChef provides unrivalled cooking performance, a true home from home experience with OEM style fitting kits which make it look like its part of the truck. 

Our team of specialist fleet advisors are always on hand to ensure that your questions are answered, requests dealt with and vehicles completed on time. We offer no obligation consultations and informal chats about any requirements you may have for your fleet and will always provide honest and down to earth advise. We are not there to “max out” your budget if it’s simply not needed, more often than not we will actually trim down your additional equipment list with new and refreshing ideas which still deliver the performance you expect. 

Get in touch today with one of our fleet specialists and see for yourself why more and more of the UK’s largest fleets are choosing the Kuda Fleet Division to manage their tender and additional equipment requirements. 

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