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Our site covers over 45,000 square feet at our headquarters in Ipswich, Suffolk. Consisting of our sales and administration offices, product design department, manufacturing facilities, dedicated parts warehousing and shipment and vehicles installation bays. 

Sales, Administration and Procurement - Staffed by people who care about your business.

Our Sales and Administration team are based in our newly refurbished, open plan offices. Our team are fully trained on all of our products we offer here at Kuda, and, if they don't know the answer they will surely find out for you. We have both dedicated Fleet Services and Parts teams available to help guide you through your queries or orders, each with their own in-house experts to cover such things as type approval questions, technical fitting advice and bespoke product manufacturing. 

Our procurement team are also based here in Ipswich. Because we purchase parts from across the globe we have even hooked them up with multiple clocks for the various time-zones our suppliers are in, to ensure they know the best time to speak with the factories and shipping companies. Our purchasing staff are always looking for the next best product, or supplier partnership to ensure we keep bringing you the best the world has to offer in commercial vehicle accessories. If you think your product would be a good fit for us please get in touch!

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Product Design - Fast paced development or Bespoke to your requirements.

One of the major factors we pride ourselves on here at Kuda is our flexibility and constant development of new things. Our in-house product design and development team are able to bring new products to market quickly and on budget whilst not compromising on quality in any way whatsoever. We have a fully functional facility dedicated to producing new parts, we have an in-house engineering, welding and steel development shop, Fibre glass moulding shop, electrical development and testing lines, giving us the ability to develop new parts for new vehicles as soon as (or even before) they are released. 

We also produce our own branded products right here at Kuda and export them across the globe. We are very proud of the parts we produce and are even prouder that we can genuinely say so many of the items we produce are "Made in the UK". 

We can also develop bespoke products to suit your fleets requirements. Perhaps you need a TreadSafe catwalk to extend a little further on the chassis, or around a tank. Perhaps a run of larger curtain side trucks which require a higher iAM spoiler? Whatever your requirement we are sure to be able to help. If you have any bespoke requirements please get in touch with us and one of our specialist design engineers will be able to guide you through the whole process. 

Fully Equipped Manufacturing facilities.

A large part of what we do is manufacturing, the biggest chunk of this manufacturing is the production of GRP (Fibre Glass) products which is done in our 10,000 square foot fibre glass production facility. Our plant has a large capacity and throughput of various products, staffed by a team of experienced laminators using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials. Our factory has been designed from the very start to produce parts as small as a body work plug through to parts as large as roof spoilers for trucks and even entire truck roof conversions. This flexibility of part production size enables us to scale the output of the production line to meet our clients demands and delivery schedules. 

Along side our fibre glass production facility we have an electrical assembly line which is the birth place of Europe's fastest selling, highest power 24v microwave oven - TruckChef. TruckChef is assembled in the Uk with every unit going through strict quality control testing prior to being shipped. Our electrical assembly team are highly experienced in producing various 12v and 24v products and are able to troubleshoot various technical issues with other electrical items and development requirements. 

We also produce many steel and aluminium products, such as our TreadSafe catwalks, run up ramps and bracket sets for our various air management kits. We manufacture a large chunk of these products in house with skilled engineers and welders heading up our team. Their wealth of experience leads to products which we are very proud of and to put our name to. When capacity gets full, we work closely with local engineering companies to produce our parts to our strict quality control standards with regular delivery inspections to ensure they fit 100% perfectly, 100% of the time for our customers. 

Dedicated Parts Warehousing and Dispatch - Over 4,000 lines in stock!

Our "one stop shop" is supported by our 8,000 square feet of warehousing and dispatch. Our warehouse has seen rapid growth over the past few years with the accessory lines which we hold in stock becoming more and more. We are very proud to be able to offer all types of truck and van accessories for our customers. Our warehousing team have the same product training as our sales and technical department to ensure they have a true understanding of the parts they are packing for our customers. Like our staff, our parts are not just numbers in a system, each part has been chosen because our sourcing team believe it is the best on the market or perfect for the current demand. This means you can be confident you're not just getting the best deal price wise, but also a product which you can rely on. 

Our warehouse is backed by a state of the art stocking system which tracks our inventory in real time, minimising shipment errors and stock shortages (of course, sometimes demand becomes greater than the speed of the delivery trucks) - enabling us to provide an on-time delivery rate of over 98% to our customers.

Carriers chosen to provide the best service.

Our chosen carriers, FedEx, Palletline, Royal Mail and our own transportation are as efficient as our warehousing, we have selected these carriers due to their on-time delivery rates, minimal error volume and overall reliability. With literally 100's of orders moving every day efficiency and accuracy is of the up-most importance to us here at Kuda. So, if you need a single wheel trim block or a pallet of window deflectors our warehousing and dispatch team have you covered. 

Vehicle Installation and Fitment Service - Inspected and Verified by the VCA for Type Approval Issuance.

Our fitment facilities here at Kuda have recently been totally refurbished with brand new equipment installations and state of the art, truck specific scaffolding, making them some of the best examples of commercial vehicle installation workshops in the country (maybe even beyond). Our fitting bays can take any size vehicle, from a small van to a tractor unit or heavy recovery vehicle. 

Staffed by our highly trained engineers, you can be confident when you put your vehicles into us that the operatives working on them are up to date with the vehicle manufacturers current body building guidelines and all aspects relating to Type Approval legislation. Our engineers are able to install every single one of the products we offer here at Kuda with a high degree of accuracy and workmanship. Be it a simple wheel trim install or a full cab conversion project they have the tools, knowhow and back up required to do so. 

We fit Nationally too!

As well as being based here at Kuda, we have a team of mobile engineers who travel the length and breadth of the country offering our Nationwide fitting service. Each engineer is equipped with a modern, clean and efficient van which can carry almost any of our products (even our large iAM spoilers), and all of the tools and training to install more than 90% of our products on-site.

Delivery times, some EU sourced parts are carrying extended delivery times - Read More