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The industries leading 24v microwave oven, with its huge 20 litre capacity, powerful 800w cooking output and tailored fitting kits for almost every heavy truck - TruckChef is the perfect companion for any Truck Driver.


TruckChef's large 20 litre capacity makes it just like the microwave you are used to at home. You will have no problems fitting a full sized dinner plate full of nutritious food right inside. TruckChef has been designed to enable maximum driver comfort. 


With a super powerful 800w cooking output, TruckChef out performs other competitors by up to 30%. TruckChef's market leading power output enables efficient cooking as close as possible to the performance that you would expect from a 240v household microwave. Break time is precious as a driver, so why wait too long for your dinner?

TruckChef has been engineered from it's humble routes back in 2013 to be the perfect fit for trucks. It's internal power system not only provides market leading performance but also coupled with TruckChef's dual layered fused safety system, one of the most reliable 24v appliances on the market. TruckChef is provided with bespoke fitting kits, designed, engineered and test fitted by TruckChef  they are available for almost every truck and fully backed by TruckChef's warranty. 

TruckChef holds a European Type Approval under EMC Regulation 10. This means it can be easily added to any Type Approval extension documentation and therefore fitted prior to registration. This Type Approval compliments the build and operational quality of TruckChef, with each unit manufactured to exacting guidelines and tested under a strict quality control procedure. Here at Kuda UK, we also have TruckChef added to all of the type approval's we currently hold, meaning we are able to install on site in our fitting facility and issue a Stage 2 CoC.


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