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Working Closely with the VCA in the issuance of National Small Stage 2 Type Approvals (NSSTA)

We are proud that we have been Audited and Approved by the VCA for CoP (Conformity of Production) Clearance. This Clearance enables us to offer fully Type approved products and fitting services across a wide range of vehicles.


Our CoP Clearance just further reinforces the quality of our products and services, when you purchase from Kuda UK you can rest assured that product you receive has been manufactured under the highest standards and followed our strict Quality Control processes.

Our in house Type Approval experts are able to advise on any questions you may have regarding the fitment of any of our products prior to registration and how this may effect a vehicles base approval.

We are able to issue Stage 2 Certificates of Conformity for work carried out at our assembly plant here at Kuda for a wide range of vehicles and products.

Approval held for up to 4.6m.

Our type approval scope covers the fitment of a full air management kit to a height of 4.6m. Perfect for High Volume trailers

Fitting on-site at Kuda UK, Ipswich.

We are also able to work closely with dealers holding ISO, CoP or similar clearance to achieve a “satellite” fitting site partnership, enabling approved fitting at the dealers own premises.

Approval for a wide range of trucks.

Speak to one of our experts to find out which vehicles we hold type approvals on and how we can help you meet the requirements.

EMC REG 10 Approvals

We are able to fit a huge range of electronic equipment covered under EMC Reg 10 as part of our NSSTA and Whole Vehicle Type approval clearances. So if you need a microwave, fridge, dash cam, reversing alarm or anything like it fitting to a vehicle prior to registration we are likely to have you covered.
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