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iAM is our market leading, super sleek and aerodynamic range of air management kits for a large range of trucks. Our High volume iAM kits have been designed from the ground up to not only look great, but improve the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle like never before. 

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial vehicle aerodynamic industry our team of engineers have combined our already highly efficient air management kits with a totally re-engineered design, producing (we think) one of the industries best looking fuel saving devices.

iAM has been designed from the ground up with optimum fuel efficiency in mind, whilst keeping the all important cost of the kit down. iAM’s new shape enables it to be fitted to almost any truck easily and quickly. iAM can be used with existing factory equipment or supplied as a full kit. Picking up of existing factory fixing points enables us to drive down iAM’s fitting time but also keeping the all important structural integrity.

Optimum air flow over high volume trailers

High volume trailers are becoming more and more common on the UK road network. These high volume trailers are great for hauling larger amounts of goods, however the increased height of these trailers has a detrimental effect on the vehicles fuel efficiency due to large amounts of the bulk head face being exposed to the on coming air flow. 

iAM has been designed to combat this air flow. By increasing the height and aerodynamic shape of the top cab spoiler and lengthening the in-fill ears enables us to achieve overall spoiler heights of up to 4.8m. 

This increased height gives a much better aerodynamic yield and thus increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Most importantly, this increased fuel efficiency will save you money on your fuel bill.

Engineered for optimum fuel efficiency.

Developed with every truck in mind.

We designed the iAM product range to be suitable for as many makes and model of truck as possible. We didn't want to limit our developments to just one manufacturer. iAM was designed from the ground up to work with existing factory uprights, this minimises the cost of the kit and makes it easily interchangeable with existing factory equipment. Of course, we can offer each kit with the cab collars as well (full kit). We have currently developed iAM for a number of the large truck makes and models including the Renault T Range High Roof Sleeper Cab, The Night/Days cab, The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way, Wide and Narrow Cabs, The MAN TGX XLX and the DAF XF 106 Space Cab. We are currently in the development stages of other kits and these will be updated as soon as we have further information.