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Wincanton Choose Renault Trucks and Kuda UK

Posted 27 Aug 2015

Wincanton iAM Renault Spoilers Kuda UK Aerodynamics

One of the UK's leading Logistics management companies, Wincanton has been making some new additions to its road transport fleet. Wincanton selected the brand new Renault T Range for their latest trucks, supplied by Renault Trucks UK the T Range cab is proving to be a true favourite amongst many drivers and fleet operators.

The UK's Market leading Aerodynamic Fleet.

Coupled with the brand new trucks Wincanton specified Kuda UK's brand new air management kit - iAM. iAM has been totally re-engineered from the ground up to be one of the most efficient and aerodynamic fuel saving devices available on the commercial vehicle market.

The Kuda iAM has been designed from the ground up with optimum fuel efficiency in mind, whilst keeping the all important cost of the kit down. iAM’s new shape enables it to be fitted to almost any truck easily and quickly. iAM can be used with existing factory equipment or supplied as a full kit. Picking up of existing factory fixing points enables us to drive down iAM’s fitting time but also keeping the all important structural integrity.

High volume trailers are becoming more and more common on the UK road network. These high volume trailers are great for hauling larger amounts of goods, however the increased height of these trailers has a detrimental effect on the vehicles fuel efficiency due to large amounts of the bulk head face being exposed to the on coming air flow. iAM has been designed to combat this air flow. By increasing the height and aerodynamic shape of the top cab spoiler and lengthening the in-fill ears enables us to achieve overall spoiler heights of up to 4.8m.This increased height gives a much better aerodynamic yield and thus increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Most importantly, this increased fuel efficiency will save you money on your fuel bill.

Revolutionary Spoiler Adjustment System.

The iAM was also coupled with Kuda's revolutionary LaserEye automatic spoiler adjustment system in turn making Wincanton's new fleet of Renault trucks one of the most fuel efficient on the road.  LaserEye is designed to make saving you money on your annual fuel bill as easy as possible. By removing the need for the driver to adjust the roof deflector, LaserEye is able to guarantee that the optimum spoiler height and angle will be set for every trip your vehicle makes. 

Head of Product Market Development at Kuda UK, Tim Vincent remarked “It’s great to have such a high profile and flagship fleet operating our new iAM and LaserEye kits. Our team of designers and engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure our aerodynamic packages and automatic spoiler adjustment system are truly the market leaders. The fact both Renault and Wincanton have chosen our products just proves that all of the hard work and testing has produced a truly revolutionary market leading fuel saving system".

Optimum Driver Comfort.

Of course, operating a fleet is not all about fuel efficiency, Driver comfort is also very important. The Renault T Range already boasts a spacious and comfortable cab and is a real pleasant place to be, however Kuda UK added to the driver comfort on the Wincanton fleet by installing extra storage lockers in the rear of the cab and mounting one of their 24v TruckChef microwaves inside one of the cupboards. 

Health and Safety - Top Importance.

Alongside fuel efficiency and driver comfort, health and safety is also of real importance to a large operator like Wincanton. This latest batch of trucks has been fully equipped, ensuring all guidelines are met and the driver and it's cargo are kept safe. Along side factory installed wheel chocks and an in cab fire extinguisher, Kuda UK have added an externally mounted 9KG Fire extinguisher box and front mounted foldable Haz-Chem plate. 

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