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KudaCam saves hauliers from Crash for Cash scams

Posted 11 Mar 2015

With Crash for Cash scams becoming ever more common on the UK's roads lots of Truck Operators are taking steps to protect their drivers.

Over the past 2 years Kuda has been developing and improving its own dashboard camera, affectionally dubbed KudaCam. To date we have shipped 1000's of units to customers all over the country and, in the process have received comments from many customers regarding how the footage recorded on their cameras has protected them in non-fault accidents and even fuel theft! 

KudaCam is a super easy to install DashCam, simply attach to the vehicles windscreen with the supplied (sturdy) suction mount, pop in the micro SD card and plug it into the 12/24v socket. Thats it! KudaCam is set up to work right out of the box, when you turn on the vehicles ignition the camera turns itself on and starts recording, you can be confident that KudaCam has always got your back!

Another great feature of KudaCam is the motion detection system. Even when your vehicle is parked up over night, as long as the KudaCam has power (don't worry, you can run KudaCam for months off a 24v battery without draining the battery), the camera will automatically pick up any movement within the viewing angle of the lens and start recording. it was this exact feature that enabled one haulier to catch fuel thieves breaking into his yard red handed!..

Ok, so lets run down the key features of KudaCam;

  • Full 1080p HD Recording. For crystal clear video.
  • Seamless, all day recording. The KudaCam never misses a moment of your trip. A great feature for track days or haulage companies.
  • Motion Detection. Even when you are parked up with the camera on but not recording, this KudaCam automatically starts recording as soon as any motion is detected by the lens.
  • G – Sensor. Measuring the G – Forces on the vehicle. If a high G force is detected the camera automatically saves and protects the footage leading up to and following the incident.
  • 120 degree, wide angle lens. Get the full field of view, even on the widest motorways.
  • Auto Power on. As soon as you start your vehicle, the KudaCam turns itself on and starts recording immediately meaning you never miss a second and don’t have to remember to press record.
  • 2.7″ inch LCD Display. A crystal clear display means you can review your footage immediately and easily see important information such a licence plates.
  • NightVision IR LED. With 4 IR LED modules this camera can see perfectly even in dark conditions.
  • HDMI Out. Unlike a lot of Dash Cams this model has a HDMI port built right in to the unit. Meaning using the supplied HDMI lead to connect straight to your HD TV makes reviewing your footage in glorious High Definition super easy.
  • 32GB Micro SD Card Included. Giving you 8 hours of full 1080P HD recording.

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