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Here at Kuda Automotive we offer an extensive range of Mirror Guards and Protectors.

Mirror Guards offer a great way to protect your mirrors against damage caused by narrow lanes, other vehicles and general accidents. The cost of a replacement mirror unit from many manufacturers can be high, as such investing in a form of mirror protection is guaranteed to provide the best level of protection and avoid the high costs of replacing damaged mirrors on your vehicle.

We offer 2 main types of mirror protection / guards, these are;

The Ultimate in Professional Mirror Protection.

MirrorShield is a super tough mirror guard, designed and engineered from the ground up to provide maximum protection to your mirrors, whilst maintaining both a lightweight construction and sleek aerodynamic design. 

Strong and Super Stylish.

Stainless Steel Mirror Guards are a great way of providing the protection required whilst adding a styling element to your vehicle. All of our stainless guards are made from high grade, highly polished, super shiny stainless steel.

Mirror Guards / MirrorShield

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