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The Ultimate Fleet Safety Specification

Posted 31 Mar 2020

With hundreds of options and thousands of combinations, almost every fleet has a different approach when it comes to their "safety specification". Of course, each fleet will tailor their equipment to suit their operation, however, we often get asked - by asset rental companies, dealers and indeed some fleets, what we would recommend to be the ultimate safety spec for a tractor unit? 

Well, we were lucky enough to get our hands on 3 DAF XF SuperSpace cabs and kit them out in our Ultimate, Fleet Safety Specification.

Here's the rundown;

1. MirrorShield - Professional Mirror Protection.

First on our list is MirrorShield. Our range of super tough, professional mirror protectors for Trucks and Vans. Narrow streets and lanes are a tight squeeze at the best of times, however for HGV’s they are even narrower, coupled with 2 trucks passing each other and mirror damage is highly likely either from an impact with the other vehicle or the hedgerows and walls which line these streets.  Vehicle mirrors are becoming larger, they provide excellent visibility and are very useful to the driver. However they also provide a much larger target for damage. They also cost more to replace, in some cases running into hundreds of pounds for a replacement mirror assembly. If a driver has a broken mirror, they can not drive safely.

MirrorShield is constructed from a formulated fibre mix which is super strong. This unrivalled level of protection is both lightweight and highly effective in protecting the mirror and its housing from low level to high level impacts. MirrorShield is available in a range of colours from stock, it can also be colour matched to your fleet. It is most commonly fitted in high visibility colours making the vehicles mirrors clear to other road users aiding in minimising collisions. MirrorShield‘s sleek design is moulded to the shape of the vehicles mirror. This means the driver still has perfect viewing angles and maximum visibility.

2. TreadSafe - Full Chassis Catwalk System.

Next up, TreadSafe. Tested, Approved and used by many of the UK's and Europe's leading fleets This leading safety chassis catwalk system has been designed from the ground up to ensure the up-most of safety whilst working behind the cab. 

TreadSafe has been designed and tested to allow optimum airflow. By engineering a tapered profile, it is possible to decrease the amount of aerodynamic drag along the sides of the vehicle. Additional Safety Decals are applied to each side of the catwalk. TreadSafe offers a great platform to apply safety warnings to both the end user and also other road users. TreadSafe’s reverse punch creates a seriously safe, anti-slip working area. The punch has been engineered with the optimum top roll radius removing any sharp edges but increasing grip.

3. FORS Gold - Camera and Sensor System

Ok, we know, not every truck will go into London, so why "bother" with a FORS system at all? Well, in our opinion, as a driver aid, there is nothing better than the FORS "Gold" spec. This package delivers all round vehicle visibility through the use of 4, full HD resolution, night vision cameras. Positioned to the front, nearside, offside and rear of the cab. These are then integrated with a 1TB hard drive, which silently witnesses every camera, records the footage and stores it, securely for viewing at the fleet managers requirement by simply plugging in a laptop, or (for an additional monthly cost) can be streamed live, over the internet to any computer in the world. Of course, there's a 7", HD monitor positioned nicely on the dash for easy viewing by the driver when needed.

It doesn't stop there, oh no, built into the system is a "Left Turn Interface", this means that when the driver indicates left, the screen automatically shows the nearside camera, in full screen, even if the monitor is switched off. This ability for the driver to automatically see their blind spot is most probably the top rated feature of the FORS gold system. We also use the same technology for the rear view camera, when the vehicle is placed into reverse, then the screen shows a full screen of the rear camera.

Running down the nearside of the vehicle are 4, ultra-sonic sensors. These sensors are active up to 15mph and whilst indicating left, they monitor the blindspot and feedback to the driver, via a visual display in the cab and also an audible alert (much like a parking sensor) when something is detected. Also built in is an external turn left alarm, which warns clearly to other road users "This vehicle is turning left" when indicating left and lastly, we add a white noise reverse alarm with a night silent toggle. 

We have a video tour of the system available right here on our YouTube channel.

4. Roof Beacon and Grill Mounted Strobes.

Sure, maybe not every operation calls for beacons, so maybe you could leave this one off your list, but we wanted to include it in our specification as in our opinion the way to go is 2 simple, highly effective products and an innovative mounting system for the roof beacon. First up, grill mounted strobes. These tiny strobes are barely noticeable when they are turned off, and at just 6.6mm thick their slim profile makes them blend seamlessly into the grill of the vehicle. Don't let that small size fool you though, these strobes pack a huge punch! Their 6, high powered LED's dwarf any light output, even during the day they are super bright! Made by Strands Lighting Division, these strobes come with a 3 year function warranty and have clever, in-built "brains" which allow them to be synchronized together by just the touch of a wire. 

Moving up to the roof we have our innovative Maxubar mounting platform for roof beacons. The main issue, which is seen time and time again is roof mounted beacons being placed too far forward on the cab, such that from behind they are not totally visible. With the Maxubar mounting system, we create a sleak, aerodynamic profile which mounts to the roof (with minimal drilling) allowing the roof beacon (in this case an ECCO, 12+ Series bar) to be raised up and mounted above and across the vehicles sun roof. This additional height allows for the beacon to be seen from all angles, whilst the strong platform and mounts allow the vulnerability of the beacon (being mounted higher) to be reduced. 

5. Checkpoint Wheel Nut Indicators

Yes, we know that these are super common and maybe not even classed as an additional extra for most fleets, but simply a must have. Here at Kuda UK we are proud to be a premier distribution partner for Checkpoint Safety. Checkpoint are the industry leaders when it comes to wheel nut safety indicators and wheel nut locking devices. 

Checkpoint® are the innovators behind the original and worlds first loose wheel nut indicator, Checkpoint Original®. The range of products have a wide scope of application, primarily to give users improved visibility of nut loosening or prevention of safety critical issues such as loose vehicle wheels or structural weaknesses where nuts have been used as core to the design. The Checkpoint® range covers almost all sizes/specifications in the marketplace and by using specific polymers of the highest quality have incorporated an overheating indication within the design to enhance functionality. Checkpoint® has progressed through time to enter and develop new markets which have allowed for continual evolution, refining and expansion of all products within the portfolio. 

These vehicles were fitted with the Dustite Indicators, Dustite LR® combines a loose wheel nut Indicator, with a standard dust cap for use on wheels with trims. Like the Checkpoint®, Dustites LR® indicate loosening of safety critical nuts and includes a wheel overheating function, but offers the additional benefits that come with a wheel nut cap for protecting the nut from weathering, corrosion and general road damage. Dustites LR® is designed to be fitted on wheels with trims/step rings since the pointer, located at the tip of the product, allows for it to fit through the access hole on a trim/step ring. The Dustite LR® is a core product from Checkpoint Safety and in very high demand globally. The Dustite LR® is offered in a range of sizes to cover a wide scope of applications throughout industrial, agricultural, military, mining and commercial vehicle sectors amongst others.

6. Ensuring the complete package works for your operation.

Out of everything mentioned above we want to be clear on one thing. You know your operation better than anyone else, it's important that whatever equipment you have is specified to meet the needs of your work, your vehicles and most importantly your drivers. We absolutely understand that there are huge, must have things missing from this list, such as ADR equipment, wheel chocks, fire extinguishers, additional lighting, safety signage, lower level passenger door windows, roadside breakdown shelters such as Rigloo or a BriteAngle roadside LED Safety triangle and more.

One thing that our Fleet Services Division is extremely good at is spending the time to speak with you and learn about your operation. Our team of specialist fleet advisors are always on hand to ensure that your questions are answered, requests dealt with and vehicles completed on time. We offer no obligation consultations and informal chats about any requirements you may have for your fleet and will always provide honest and down to earth advice. We are not there to “max out” your budget if it’s simply not needed, more often than not we will actually trim down your additional equipment list with new and refreshing ideas which still deliver the performance you expect. 

Get in touch today with one of our fleet specialists and see for yourself why more and more of the UK’s largest fleets are choosing the Kuda Fleet Division to manage their tender and additional equipment requirements. 

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