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The Direct Vision Standard - Simplified!

Posted 17 Dec 2019

Increasingly The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is becoming more and more at the forefront of operators minds and especially for those who operate in the Greater London area. With lots of information available from multiple sources we have created this article to try and simplify the equipment requirements the best we can for operators.

Who, When and Where?


All HGVs more than 12 tonnes GVW entering or operating in Greater London will need to apply for and hold a Safety Permit 

The scheme will be enforced from March 2021 across Greater London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Your Vehicle will need a Direct Vision Star Rating - What is it?

Your Vehicle manufacturer will have the star rating for your cab on file. You should contact them with your VIN number and they will be able to supply you with your star rating. For more information on DVS star ratings and vehicle manufacturer contact details, visit:

What is the Minimum Star Rating to Operate?


 From March 2021 (was October 2020), the minimum DVS rating will be one star to enter or operate in Greater London and this will then increase to a minimum of three stars in 2024.

 If your vehicle does not meet the DVS star rating or is not rated, you will need to meet the ‘Safe System’ requirements to be granted a permit.

What is the "Safe System" in terms of the required equipment?

To quote TfL's HGV Safety Permit Guidance Document - "Research has shown that direct vision is the future in creating safer vehicles and safer urban environments. However, for direct vision to be implemented effectively a certain lead time is needed: in particular, time for the next generation of cab design to be available on the market and time for operators’ fleet turnover. As HGV collisions with people walking and cycling present a significant problem on London’s roads today, we cannot afford to wait for this change to take place. The introduction of a Safe System as part of the HGV safety permit scheme serves as a mitigation to enhance vehicle safety on London’s roads today, until the more fundamental change of increased direct vision is achieved."

In terms of equipment that equates to the following;

If your vehicle has a Zero Star Rating, Let us at Kuda supply and fit a Safe System for you.

If your vehicle is not rated (zero star), you will need to fit additional safety equipment – a ‘Safe System’. Here at Kuda we offer a fully compliant and type approved safe system, fitted and supported nationwide. One Package which guarantees compliance with the Direct Vision Standard.

Once the safe system is fitted, apply for permit at

For further information on Direct Vision as far as equipment requirements or if you wish to discus retro-fitting a fleet or even, just have some questions please feel free to contact our Fleet Services team who will be more than happy to help.

This information has been published and is correct to the best of our knowledge. We urge all operators to do their own research for individual requirements and exceptions. Prices correct at the time of publishing and may increase without prior notice. Kuda UK LTD is in no way endorsed as a singular supplier of DVS compliant safe systems by Transport for London. The images and graphics used in this article have been done so to ensure the same clarity of that shown in the HGV Safety Permit Guide and hold their own copyright.

by News Desk

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