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Strands launch what is possibly the best ever driving light - AMBASSADOR

Posted 10 Sep 2019

Strands Lighting Division, Europe's fastest growing vehicle lighting brand have just launched what is quite possibly the worlds best ever driving light. It's available right here at Kuda and through your local Strands dealer, let us tell you all about it;

Ambassador, Strands' flagship driving light, is as the name suggests, very powerful. It is developed for you, who demand the absolute best light beam & it exceeds everything you've seen and literally turns night into day on a long distance.

The LED-chip is customised to meet the highest standard possible. With Ambassador you get unique components, which you can not find anywhere else. It is designed in Sweden and assembled in Europe to ensure the perfect light experience.

Ambassador comes with dual colours, yellow and white position light. Choose yourself which one you prefer to express your personality. The PC-lens comes with the highest standard of anti-scratch treatment, providing great visibility into the future. North of the Arctic Circle the climate conditions are tough, the roads are treated with extreme amounts of salt to remove the ice. Therefore Strands equipped Ambassador with a unique aluminium housing to stand corrosion in a way you never seen before. The back of the lamp has a special Nitto-Denko breather, which means that moisture is transported out of the lamp, but no moisture will enter.

As Ambassador pre-orders begin to mount we are very excited to welcome this product into our range and can't wait to see it out on the roads!. You can order yours online here.

by News Desk

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