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Kuda's Social Reach Tops 250,000 in just 28 days!

Posted 12 Sep 2019

Social Media has quickly become a very important platform for businesses for interacting with their customers. Here at Kuda we put a very heavy emphasis on customer interaction and feedback and as such our Social Media platforms are a big part of our overall marketing strategy and day to day operations. 

We are very excited to announce that in just 28 days, our total social reach has topped over 250,000! That means that every hour we are reaching and potentially interacting with over 370 social media users across all platforms!

We are not stopping there, our plans for the coming months and launch of our brand new Vlog series "Thank Truck It's Friday" means we expect our reach to increase and our customer interaction to become even greater.

Tom Culham, Marketing Manager at Kuda commented "Our social media platforms allow us to have a direct and constant contact with our customers, at almost any time of day. If we have a customer query via Facebook, our team are all hooked in and notified on their mobile devices and, if possible, will reply to that customer and provide the best support possible to them outside of office hours. This sort of interaction and quick resolution of problems or questions enables us to provide a level of customer service which is simply well above most online (and offline) retailers".

If you don't already follow, like or subscribe to our social media platforms you can find all of the links below;

Facebook - kudaukltd
Instagram - kudaautomotive
Twitter - @KudaUK
YouTube - KudaUK 
LinkedIn - Kuda Automotive

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