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MirrorShield - Still the number one choice for fleets!

Posted 17 Jul 2019

MirrorShield found its roots back in 2016 with the launch of just one model to suit the MAN TGS, driven by customer feedback in the search for something other than the traditional stainless steel guards, and a solution which did not require changing the entire Mirror. 

Photo credit - DAF Trucks N.V.

Since then MirrorShield has seen major investment to develop models to suit almost every single truck, growing the range at a rapid rate through a dedicated product development team. This growth enabled MirrorShield to be rolled out across many fleets and has firmly cemented it as the number one choice for serious, professional mirror protection. 

Why MirrorShield? Well, simply put, broken mirrors cost money and cause VOR's. 

Narrow streets and lanes are a tight squeeze at the best of times, however for HGV’s they are even narrower, coupled with 2 trucks passing each other and mirror damage is highly likely either from an impact with the other vehicle or the hedgerows and walls which line these streets. 

Vehicle mirrors are becoming larger, they provide excellent visibility and are very useful to the driver. However they also provide a much larger target for damage. They also cost more to replace, in some cases running into hundreds of pounds for a replacement mirror assembly. 

If a driver has a broken mirror, they can not drive safely.

Photo Credit - Renault Trucks UK & MP Moran

MirrorShield is the professional solution to broken mirrors.

MirrorShield is constructed from a formulated fibre mix which is super strong. This unrivalled level of protection is both lightweight and highly effective in protecting the mirror and its housing from low level to high level impacts.

MirrorShield is available in a range of colours from stock, it can also be colour matched to your fleet. It is most commonly fitted in high visibility colours making the vehicles mirrors clear to other road users aiding in minimising collisions.

MirrorShield‘s sleek design is moulded to the shape of the vehicles mirror. This means the driver still has perfect viewing angles and maximum visibility.

Now Available for Vans!

As part of the product development roadmap we are very pleased to announce that MirrorShield is now available for a number of vans too! LCV's may not be "as wide" as HGV's, however they are just as vulnerable to mirror damage and breakages, due to the mirrors being even lower and also, with most chassis cab configurations shipping with "long arms", meet their match with hedgerows, walls and other vehicles on a regular basis. 

With new models being added all the time, the current "van" range (at the time of this press release) includes;

Mercedes Sprinter (2018 on) - Long Arms
Citroen Relay (2006 on) - Long Arms
Peugeot Boxer (2006 on) - Long Arms
Fiat Ducato (2006 on) - Long Arms
Iveco Daily (2018 on) - Long Arms
Ford Transit (2016 on) - Long Arms

Interested in trailing MirrorShield? Or want to find out more? 

Please feel free to get in touch with our team or view more information on the complete range online here.

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