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Strands Launch ALTA - The Next Generation LED Bar

Posted 19 May 2017


Strands Lightning Division and Kuda Automotive now present the next generation of LED bars: the ALTA bar. This LED bar is everything else than a standard LED bar. It comes with a unique patented lens optic that will give you light where you need it the most. Normal bars spread the light everywhere – with ALTA you will concentrate the light on the road and not in the sky. This makes the performance outstanding, 1 LUX at more than 700m.

Our special cooling system makes it possible to lower the power consumption without compromising on the performance. This gives you a very slim, easily mounted and light weight LED bar that fits great on your vehicle. A world class LED bar with the longest light in the market – once ALTA, always ALTA.


We have now successfully developed ALTA – a high quality LED bar which gives you the longest and the best light in the market. New optic technologies made it possible to lower the power consumption, although it gives more light per watt than our competitors.

ALTA comes with Angel Eye position light that gives you a neat look even when you are not using full beam. Because vehicles are different, we have ensured that the mounting is simple – ALTA comes with a classic side mount and also with adjustable feet on the back which allows you to choose what is best for you during installation. Time is money, therefore, we have developed several unique custom-fit mounts that allow installation on your vehicle faster and easier. 


ALTA is developed with the driver in focus. The light should be on the road and in the surroundings, not in the treetops. Most bars on the market are designed to spread the light everywhere, while ALTA serves as a driving light and really gives you the long light you need. As shown below, we test in Swedish conditions to find the right light pattern that gives you the effect no one else can. Once ALTA, always ALTA. 


All parts of the ALTA series are carefully crafted to create a product that gives you that little extra. We use a special layer/coating for the housing which is designed to work in demanding environments. The stainless steel screws are painted black to make a great visual impression.

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