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Kuda teams up with Operative Alert

Posted 30 Jan 2017

Kuda Automotive are pleased to announce our new partnership with Operative Alert. Operative Alert is a ground breaking safety system designed to help eliminate work related hazards. It comprises of three units; a tag fitted to the operatives hard-hat/PPE; wireless sensors fitted to the vehicle and a dashboard mounted display.

The Operative Alert system is fitted to the hard-hats, lanyards or other PPE of on-site personnel, and side sensors enforced with heavy-duty rubber covering to withstand the construction environment. The parameters of ‘tag’ detection are adjustable in order to provide a safety area to suit the nature of the works undertaken, and be applied to any plant.

Operative Alert is driven by an employer's duty of care towards removing employees from unnecessary risk: last year alone 148 workers were killed at work, and another 78,000 injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR. Over half of the fatal injuries to workers were of three kinds: falls from height; contact with moving machinery and being struck by a vehicle. Application of Operative Alert aims to reduce this number of fatalities and injuries through its system. 

Operative alert is a cost effective and adaptable solution to achieving best practice safety standards for your business. 

So, How does it work?


The Tag is a motion activated tag attached to the person or the hard hat. The Tag sends a message to sensors mounted on the vehicle.


The vehicle sensors receive the signal from the Tag and relays this information to the Driver’s Cab Unit.


The Cab Unit receives the message that an Operative is present. The Cab Unit alerts the driver with an audible warning and displays the Operative’s position on a screen.

Is it just a construction industry product?

No! Operative Alert can be used in many other workplace environments, for instance in third party logistics, and the warehouse and distribution industries, where the close proximity of forklift trucks and delivery lorries to workers is a major risk.

Full Features:

Can be fitted to any vehicle
No water ingress in sensors (ultrasonically welded)
Covers the entire perimeter of the vehicle/machine
Operative Tags are motion-activated to extend life (up to one year), and batteries are cheap and simple to replace.  No need to replace the tag
Machinery sensors detect operatives at the Contractor’s chosen parameter (parameter is changeable in accordance to contractor’s needs)
Operative tags can fit onto hard-hats as part of their essential on-site PPE
Operative tags can also fit onto lanyards as part of their essential factory PPE
Side sensors/cab units are easy to fit.  No exterior or interior modifications are required
Operative Alert only detects operatives and ignores any other objects in proximity to the vehicle/machine
Receiver is hard-wired in cab and can be adjusted to suit any voltage
Warning adjustable LED lights and audio sound alert driver of operative’s presence and location in relation to the vehicle
Operative Alert works in all weathers and under all conditions, including through mud
Operative alert sensors are interchangeable on cab/tractor/trailer
Supportive evidence in case on reduction on insurance premiums
Ability to work in accordance with changing safety requirements of Contractors
Ease of fitting means Operative Alert is incredibly competitive on cost
Working in tandem with Cycle Alert’s technology, Operative Alert will pick up cyclists whilst travelling on-road.

Seeking companies to take the system and trail it!

We are actively seeking companies to take the system on trail, to further display the benefits of Operative Alert. If you are interested in getting on board with this revolutionary site safety system please contact us here at Kuda Automotive.

Further information and pricing can be found here.

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