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Kuda Automotive Launches MirrorShield

Posted 11 Aug 2016

We have all been there, driving down a narrow lane or in tight traffic and clipped a mirror! Replacing that mirror assembly from many manufacturers can have a significant cost to it. That's why protecting the mirrors on your vehicle is seriously important, not just to save breakages, but to also save the cost of replacing them!

MirrorShield is the ultimate in mirror protection. Made from a precisionaly formulated fibre mix and designed from the ground up to be super tough, but also super light, it offers the highest level of protection for your mirrors. MirrorShield has been designed by a team of engineers to also be aerodynamic, with airflow fins being moulded into the face of the shield to aid in the optimum levels of air flow around the mirrors and their arms, thus also saving money on fuel!

MirrorShield offers a level of protection which easily matches that of the range of stainless steel and aluminium mirror guards which are currently available on the market. however has the added benefit of a much lighter weight. They can also be supplied in all solid RAL colours, in a paint like finish, meaning they are perfect for large fleets, those looking for their own style or for the safety conscious in high visibility colours. 

Key Features.

Made from an Specially Formulated Fibre Material Mix.
Super Tough and Strong. Provides Outstanding Protection to the Vehicles Mirror.
Available in all Solid RAL Colours (minimum order numbers apply on non-standard solid colours).
Aerodynamic Properties Aiding Airflow Around the Mirror.
Professional Looking Protection System, Designed with Fleets in Mind.

Dual Layer, Impact Protection System.

Providing a strong but cushioned impact zone, designed to absorb the impact and distribute it evenly around the MirrorShield. Thus providing outstanding protection to the mirror itself and saving you money on mirror breakages and replacements.

Standard Colours Available.

Construction Yellow (Pictured)
White - Standard Manufacture shade for that make of vehicle.
Black - Standard Manufacture shade for that make of vehicle.

Custom / Fleet Colours.

MirrorShield can be produced to order (MOQ's apply) in your standard fleet colours, meaning you can protect the mirrors across your fleet whilst having a highly visible and company branded set of guards on your vehicle.

Trade discounts available.

MirrorShield retails at £184.95 (Exc. VAT) per pair. However for larger numbers and trade re-sale we are pleased to be able to offer a discount structure to suit. To talk to us about a trade discount on these items or to become an approved Re-seller of MirrorShield please contact us today.

Simple and Easy to fit.

MirrorShield has been designed to be as simple as possible to fit. We use brackets made from the same super tough fibre mix which clamp securely around the arms and join by inserting nuts and bolts. This gives the MirrorShield a snug fit but also allows for quick fitting. 

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