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TruckChef - The 24v microwave that's heating up Europe.

Posted 02 Feb 2015

TruckChef, the 24v microwave oven which fits almost any truck perfectly. With a huge 20 litre capacity and 800w cooking output, it's like having the kitchen appliance your use to at home, right there in your truck. 

TruckChef, 24v Microwave
With Samsung discontinuing the RoadMate 24v microwave towards the end of 2013 a huge gap in the commercial vehicle in cab cooking market was left. Kuda UK immediately started to design and develop a full sized 24v microwave oven for use within the cabs of almost every truck.

Towards the beginning of 2014 TruckChef was born. TruckChef has been specifically designed and engineered to fit as many truck cabs as possible, whilst maintaining the maximum cooking capacity and power such as that seen in most domestic microwave ovens. 

TruckChef is quickly becoming Europe's fastest selling 24v microwave and shows no sign of slowing down. Backed by a full years warranty and dedicated in house technical team, along with us proudly assembling the microwave right here in the UK, the quality of the product is second to none. In fact the products quality is so good the failure rate is almost non-existent.

TruckChef boasts some pretty impressive specifications with a huge 20 litre cooking capacity and 800w power output. Using TruckChef feels no different to using your microwave at home.

24v microwave TruckChefSupplied with every TruckChef microwave is a vehicle specific fitting kit, for mounting the oven securely and neatly into cab lockers or indeed on supplied shelves (of which pick up from existing cab mountings). By taking the time and effort to get these mounting kits just right and the fact that TruckChef was designed from the ground up, Kuda UK have achieved a product which not only fits the largest range of commercial vehicles out there, but most importantly is one enclosed unit, there is no separate inverter which takes up yet more space and which have to hide away in a locker somewhere. (Pictured is the TruckChef 24v. microwave securely fitted into a Scania Topline, inset into this picture is the optional locker fascia panel to extend the locker door, hiding the microwave).

TruckChef has been launched right across Europe with a range of approved dealers supplying it to 1000's of customers. Currently TruckChef has been approved in the UK by 3 major UK truck manufacturers who are supplying it directly to their customers via nationwide parts networks. TruckChef is also the microwave of choice for many of the UK's top fleets.

The complete TruckChef range is available to order online here

For further information on TruckChef or any of our products please contact our friendly sales team.

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