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LaserEye, 100% automatic spoiler adjustment.

Posted 23 Feb 2015

LaserEye Automatic Spoiler Adjustment

Our technical development team have been hard at work over the past few months perfecting our revolutionary spoiler adjustment system, LaserEye. 

LaserEye is designed to make saving you money on your annual fuel bill as easy as possible. By removing the need for the driver to adjust the roof deflector, LaserEye is able to guarantee that the optimum spoiler height and angle will be set for every trip your vehicle makes. 

The idea behind LaserEye was to enable fleet operators to run their vehicles with maximum fuel efficiency and the least amount of aerodynamic drag, 100% of the time.  

We all know that climbing up the rear of a cab adjusting the spoiler in the pouring rain, or high winds is a health and safety risk and also not pleasant. By installing LaserEye a fleet operator can rest assured that the spoiler will be adjusted 100% automatically, 100% of the time. LaserEye is a "Live" system, as soon as the vehicle is turned on LaserEye wakes up and starts checking for a trailer and goes about adjusting the spoiler to the optimum height. 

Interested in installing LaserEye on your vehicles? Contact one of our friendly sales team, they will be more than happy to discuss your options. LaserEye can be fitted to standard factory equipment or indeed all of our adjustable spoiler range. 

We are seeing an ever growing success with LaserEye with 1 large European truck manufacturer fitting the systems already for their customers and 2 more have the system on trial currently. We expect the LaserEye product to grow and grow. Be sure to look out for the little orange LaserEye boxes on spoilers of passing vehicles

So How exactly does LaserEye work? Well, we cant tell you all of the juicy technical details (obviously), however this easy to follow set of images below should do a pretty good job of showing you the concept and how easy it is;

LaserEye Spoiler Adjustment

LaserEye Key Benefits;

Quick and Easy to fit to existing factory equipment.

Available as an option on ALL Kuda adjustable spoilers.

Eliminates health and safety risk of climbing up the rear of the cab.

100% Automatic Adjustment, no driver input.

Optimum air flow and fuel saving from aerodynamic drag on every trip.

Install and forget. Almost no need for any servicing.

Full 1 year warranty included as standard with options to extend.

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