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Introducing V-Spoilers; based on small, yet powerful Vortex Generators -a technology also known from the F1 Race and the flight industry.

V-spoilers are the new generation of wind spoilers, and whether used alone or in partnership with other aerodynamic devices, they offer some serious fuel saving benefits. 

Each single Vortex Generator creates two counter rotating swirls of air (vortices), and with a speed of approx 3000 rph, they control the airflow (high/ low pressure) and reduce the drag at the rear of your vehicle. It is also helpful to bridge the gap between tractor and trailer.
Less aerodynamic drag leads to better fuel economy, but our clients also report on better stability, less accumulation of dirt or snow at the rear plus better mirror visibility.
Although initially designed for the trucking and bus industry, however, our satisfied customers also include owners of caravans, vans, mobile homes horse trailers etc.