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Fixed Temperature Controlled Fridge (Medical / Ambulance) - Top Mounted Compressor

Fixed Temperature Controlled Fridge (Medical / Ambulance) - Top Mounted Compressor

  • £595.00 + VAT

The refrigerator is set to reach and maintain a temperature of 4°C (+/-1.5°C). Alternatively, it is possible to set another temperature within a range from 2°C to 8°C. If the set temperature is affected by a variation of more than +/-1.5°C with respect to the set temperature, two alarms will be set off: an acoustic alarm (buzzer) and a visual alarm (red flashing LED). Both alarms remain active until voluntary termination by a health care worker by means of the procedure indicated in the guide. The refrigeration unit can be moved to allow for maximum installation flexibility.

FM7 is a compressor refrigerator in which the temperature is set at 4°C+/-1,5°C (but it is possible to set a different temperature between 2°C and 8°C +/-1,5°C).

In case the temperature exceeds the set point (< +2,5°C or > 5,5°C ) 2 alarms (one audio and another one visual) will start. The audio alarm will last for some minutes while the visual one will last until it will be reset voluntary by the user pushing both temperature set buttons.

FM 7 is classified as appliance for the transport of drugs at controlled temperature and certified according to UNI EN 1789 e EN 60601.

Technical Specs;

Height: 532 mm
Width: 278 mm
Depth: 241 mm + 20 mm (hinge)
Gross Volume: 7 L
Weight: 10.9KG
Installed Power: 56-67 Watt
Power Consumption (12/24v): 0.26 Kwh/24h
Voltage: 12v / 24v
Thermostatic Regulation: Yes
Certificates: C / CE / UNI EN 1789 e EN 60601

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